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Bikkur Holim

Bikkur Holim 2Bikkur Holim means "visiting the sick" in Hebrew. The origin of this mitzvah is Biblical and it was rigorously observed by the sages and praised by the commentators throughout Jewish history. It is a mitzvah required of every Jew and it can be expressed in many ways beyond visiting the sick or impaired.    

Those involved with Bikkur Holim can provide comfort and support to anyone who is homebound and in distress, in any setting, such as a rehabilitation center, a nursing home, a hospital or in their own homes. Currently, we also give rides to doctors' appointments. We provide training for congregants who wish to participate and support in these efforts. 

If you know of a congregant who needs a visit, a ride, support and/or comfort, please call Rabbi Tucker's secretary, Susan Galla (948-2800 ext. 112).  She will convey this information to the Bikkur Holim Committee chairs. The Committee, with discretion and confidentiality, will assign a member the privilege of doing this mitzvah

At one point in our lives, we are all on each side of the giving or receiving comfort and support. We can learn to accept and to give through actively providing the opportunity of fulfilling the mitzvah of Bikkur Holim. It is another way that we, through the Temple Israel Center congregation, can continue building a supportive kahall (community).

For more information, contact Adrian Strizhak or Jodi Shames.