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In Jewish law, a civil divorce is not sufficient to terminate a validly contracted Jewish marriage. A Get (religious bill of divorce) must be written and delivered. Until this is done, it is not possible for either spouse to remarry in a Jewish ceremony, and if it is not done, children from a subsequent marriage may encounter severe status problems in certain sectors of the Jewish community, and especially in Israel.

Rabbi Tucker can help you arrange for a proper Get proceeding, which will respect the dignity of all parties and the mature life decision they have made. Assuming both spouses are willing to cooperate in the Get process, it can usually be accomplished in a matter of weeks. If there is not mutual cooperation, there are still ways to effect a proper termination of the marriage under Jewish law. In all cases, please be in touch with Rabbi Tucker (948-2800 x115) as soon as the decision to divorce is made.

Please note that, although a Get can be written and delivered before a civil divorce is decreed, no document certifying the delivery of the Get can be issued to either party until a civil decree is recorded.