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PASSOVER 2017/5777


Monday, April 10
6:50 am    Shaharit/Siyyum for the First Born
10:44 am  Hametz may no longer be eaten
11:46 am  All Hametz must be disposed of
5:50 pm    Pesah Evening Services
7:10 pm    Candle Lighting

Tuesday, April 11 - Passover I
8:45 am    Morning & Festival Services
5:50 pm    Second Evening Services
8:05 pm    Candles no earlier than this time…

Wednesday, April 12 - Passover II
8:45 am    Morning Festival Services
7:30 pm    Minhah

Thursday, April 13 - Passover III Hol Hamoed
7:00 am    Morning Services
8:00 pm    Ma'ariv

Friday, April 14 - Passover IV Hol Hamoed
7:00 am    Morning Services
5:50 pm    Minhah/Kabbalat Shabbat/Ma'ariv

7:14 pm    Candle Lighting

Saturday, April 15 - Passover V Shabbat Hol Hamoed
8:45 am    Shabbat Morning Services
7:35 pm    Minhah

Sunday, April 16 - Passover VI Hol Hamoed
9:00 am    Morning Services
7:15 pm    Evening Festival Services
7:16 pm    Candle Lighting

Monday, April 17 - Passover VII
8:45 am    Morning Festival Services
7:15 pm    Evening Festival Services
8:15 pm    Candles no later than this time

Tuesday, April 18- Passover VIII
8:45 am    Morning Festival Services
10:30 am  YIZKOR
7:35 pm    Minhah
8:35 pm    Hametz can be eaten after...

Sale of Hametz  Form 

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Rabbinical Assembly Guide

Click here for a printable PDF of The Rabbinical Assembly's 2016 Pesah Guide 


Cantor Marcey Wagner's Favorite Passover Songs

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Listen to the songs by clicking on the links below:

Passover Seder Prayers, Readings and Songs recorded by Cantor Jack Mendelson 


Let My People Sing is a wonderful, comprehensive Pesah selection of songs by Cantor
Mendelson's colleague, Elias Rosemberg, of Temple Emanuel in Newton,