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The Brandt Family Mikveh


mikveh"Ritual immersion in a mikveh - a gathering of living water (mayyim hayyim) - marks a change in status. People immerse ... to celebrate moments of joy, to heal after times of sorrow or illness, or to commemorate transitions and changes." www.mayyimhayyim.org 

The Brandt Family Mikveh welcomes members of our congregation and non-members to participate in an ancient Jewish tradition in the comfort and warmth of our unique facility at Temple Israel Center.  

Immersion in a mikveh (ritual bath) is used in a variety of ways to mark spiritual transformations and physical transitions and cycles. It is also used to enhance spiritual readiness for Shabbat and major holidays. Immersion in the mikveh is a requirement for converts to Judaism of all ages.  

Immersion in the mikveh is a private experience that can be spiritually uplifting and enriching. We encourage members of both sexes to use the Brandt Family Mikveh for both traditional and creative purposes: to mark major life cycle events as well as other personal milestones and transitions.  

To prepare for the mikveh experience, one needs to be physically clean and remove any barriers that would interfere with the mikveh waters touching one's body. 

Fees: Single use: $18 for T.I.C. members - non-members slightly higher 

Members of the Mikveh Committee are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding preparation. To reach the Mikveh Committee at Temple Israel Center for more information, or to set up an appointment, call (914) 948-2800 ext.116 or email.  All calls and emails are confidential.  

Additional Resources-
Books and articles on mikveh can be found in the Evelyn and Monte Daniels Memorial Library at TIC:

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